Al Pachinko 2007-09-22 01:38:41
Yachigashira: HOT! This place is very popular with the older folk of Hakodate. Don’t whatever you do make the mistake I did and attempt to beat the crowds by going early morning. I went at 6.30am and the rotenburo was like an old man soup. That said its usually not too busy and the 45 degree iron water is great for tired muscles. Great after-onsen experience too with tatami room and hot food and drink vending machines to veg out. 320 yen 6am-9pm Heart Pier: Little known onsen in an old folks home just 10 seconds walk up the hill from Yachigashira. Always empty or nearly so, great place to come if you cant be bothered being stared at and just want to to relax in piece. No rotenburo but 2 different temperature baths great for unwinding in quiet in. 500 yen 10am-4pm Hakodate Onsen Hotel. Situated on the seafront near to the city hall by the station. Convinient for travelers staying near the station it’s a bit pricey and basic for folks wanting the whole onsen experience. On the 3rd floor overlooking the sea, obscured a bit by concrete tetrahedrons, its not too bad and ive visited here a few times usually when the others nearby are closed or look too busy. 550 yen 10am-11pm Showa Onsen. Great little place just off route 5, take a turn at the gas station just before Autobacks. Lots of amenities – Jacuzzi, sauna, massage shower and 3 types of water baths. The rotenburo is relaxing but a little tepid. Can get busy so try to time it well. Great resteraunt serving cheap Japanese food. 320 yen Shinwanoyu, Hokuto. Huge onsen, 10 minutes outside of Hakodate. Great facilities, sauna, Jacuzzi and untold many baths. There’s 4 rotenburos with different water and temperatures and built with traditional Japanese cedar. Good place to come with a group of friends as due to the excellence its very popular and gets very crowded and noisy regardless of the time. Has a “walking bath” where you stroll around and get massaged by jets of water on your feet and legs. 320 yen 11am-12pm Hananoyu. Best onsen in Hakodate. On route 5 just before the big Hallmark? Store. Big enough to give you a lot of variation but small enough to be relaxing. Many types of water, primarily iron but they change a few baths every week between lavender or chamomile or something like that. Beautiful rotenburo garden, nice place to come after work. Also they have fucking fit girls working in there that stroll through the baths and give massages at 500yen a pop. Its funny watching everyone scramble for their face towels to cover their pieces when they walk by. 11am-late 320yen Hanakazuke. Whats more relaxing than taking an onsen? That’s right – pounding it in to the lady in your life and watching her titties wobble around in thrilling fashion. At this onsen you can combine the best of both worlds.