Chishiki 2015-06-05 16:38:10
Lucky Pierrot, a wildly successful hamburger chain founded by a Chinese entrepreneur, is one of Hakodate's most famous businesses. There are a number of Lucky Pierrot scattered throughout town, and they each have a unique theme: old movies, chubby cherubs, one even has a Santa Claus theme 365 days a year. The menu changes slightly from shop to shop, with some shops offering pizza, pasta, omu-rice, curry, and more in addition to their burger menu. What they all share is delicious fast food and extraordinarily friendly staff. I'm partial to the Chinese Chicken and Lucky Egg burgers, but if you get overwhelmed by their menu and can't decide, there is always the Futoccho, a burger stack that contains the ingredients from almost every other burger, combined into one. No visit to Hakodate is complete without a visit to a Lucky Pierrot. Bring an appetite.